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"A beast with a crimson jewel shining from its forehead."
Dissidia Final Fantasy Summon Compendium

character; Carbuncle
series; Final Fantasy Collection
age; Unknown, estimated over a thousand or so
history; Known as one of the many iconic summoned beasts within the Final Fantasy series, Carbuncle wasn't always a beast perse, but once a mortal man by the name of Cidolfus A. Fynn, a famous Time Sage hailing from the Mystical City of Mysidia. Once revered as one of the Four Great Sages of Legend, Cidolfus soon fell from of grace with the Elders of Mysidia once he joined the ranks of the Netherworld God named Chaos. Believing the Elders too weak to lead Mysidia anymore, Cidolfus laid waste to the entire high council and announced himself as the new ruler of this realm. For years, the sage managed to thwart the efforts of those who wished to oppose him by using the power he shared with Chaos. However, little did Cidolfus realize that the power Chaos given would soon lead to his unfortunate demise by the hands of four stalwart warriors, the Warriors of Light.

Defeated and humiliated, Cidolfus cheated death by binding his soul to an ancient red gem left by the primal deities who once ruled over the world years ago, the Carbuncle. Gaining both eternal life and a new-found strength, the legendary sage ventured back to Mysidia in search of reeking revenge over those who slain him. However, the power of the Carbuncle was not strong enough and the gem soon shattered into dozen pieces. Left battered and broken, it was the Goddess Cosmos who decided the villain’s fate once death came to greet him a second time. Believing that Sir Cidolfus could use his skills for good rather than evil, the Goddess cursed the sage into the form of a green-furred fox. Reborn as an Eidolon, Cidolfus was renamed ‘Carbuncle’ after the legendary gem he stolen as a part of his punishment.

Given both a new identity and a new body, Carbuncle hoped to undo the evils done by him in the past by offering his undying loyalty to summoners across the ages. Traveling through the dimensions upon the beckoning call of summoners, Carbuncle finally regained his human visage after meeting with fellow Eidolons, Alexander and Leviathan upon a strange realm only known as ‘Ultimania’.


Known to be upbeat and cheerful in Eidolon form, Carbuncle’s personality can take a total nosedive when he dons his human form. This is because of the interchanging of the vivid red gem that sits upon his forehead. If the gem is crimson in hue, Carbuncle’s personality is one of an optimism and innocence. However, if the gem is dark with the color of indigo, Carbuncle's personality shifts to a more reserved and aloof tone. This difference in characteristic is caused by the ruby and sapphire gems. Upon his second defeat by the Warriors of Light, Sir Cidolfus' ego was utterly shattered once the carbuncle gem broke apart. Left hallow and empty, Cosmos decided to separate the sage's personality into two separate gems in hopes of preventing Cidolfus from returning to his former self. With his personality unable to merge into one, the legendary sage is no longer the threat he once was all those years ago.

(to be continued)

class; Eidolon/Time Mage

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